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The Warbirds Productions Spitfire universal "c" wing and the Seafire Mk III / XV / XVII wings are simply the basic wing structure. All the cannon blisters and radiators are NOT included with the wings. These pieces come with the various conversion / correction sets. These wings are essential for an accurate replica of any Spitfire variant including the Mk Vc and from the Mk VII up to the Mk 21 and any Seafire from the Mk III up to and including the Mk XVII.



Item # / Description / Price in USD

WM3207 Brester Buffalo Model B 239 $120.00



Item # / Description / Price in USD


WMA3201 Seafire Mk II, III. early XV A-frame arresting hook $ 15.00


WMC3204 Mk IV bomber clear vacuformed canopy, nose blister. etc. $ 5.00

WMC3205 Bulged side panel clear vacuformed canopy TBA

WMC3206 FB VI fighter/bomber clear vacuformed canopy TBA

WMC3207 Blistered style PR clear vacuformed canopy

WMC3208 50 gallon slipper tanks (pair) $ 18.00

WMC3209 100 gallon slipper tanks (pair) $ 20.00


WMF3201 Fuselage,vacuform canopy for P-40N TBA

WMF3202 Extended tail plug for late F, L, M, models TBA

WMF3203 Corrected horiz. stabs. for Trumpeter P-40B/C $18.00


WMD3201 Birdcage canopy (2 styles) with resin insert TBA

WMD3202 Brewster Duramold centerline fuel tank FAA $ 18.00


WMG3201 Allison Cowling for Mustang I / P51 w/ spinner / blades / exhausts TBA

WMG3202 P-51A cowling w/ spinner / blades / exhausts / cannon TBA

WMG3203 A-36 Cowling w/ spinner / blades / exhausts TBA

WMG3204 Early supercharger intake for Alison engined Mustangs TBA


WD32001 Spanish Civil War markings for Bf 109B/C/D/E $6.00


Item # / Description / Price in USD

1/32nd SPITFIRE and SEAFIRE conversion sets

A3200 Gullwing correction part for Revell (early) Spitfire Mk. I $ 14.00

A3201 Spitfire PR I F $ 22.00

A3202 Accurate seat $ 12.00

A3203 Seafire Mk. III / XV / XVII wings $ 30.00

A3204 Accurate fishtail exhausts for Mk I, II ,V, VI $ 12.00

A3205 Aboukir filter & enlarged chin $ 18.00

A3206 Seafire Mk I / II / III / early XV fuselage arrester hook TBA

A3207 Spitfire Mk. VII conversion kit $ 58.00

A3208 Spitfire Mk. VIII conversion kit $ 58.00

A3209C Spitfire Mk. IX C conversion kit $ 50.00

A3209E Spitfire Mk. IX E conversion kit $ 54.00

A3210 Spitfire Universal C wings $ 30.00

A3211 Small overload slipper tank $ 12.00

A3212 Spitfire Mk. XII C conversion kit $ 50.00

A3213 Spitfire / Seafire wheels with hub cap $ 10.00

A3214C Spitfire Mk. XIV C conversion kit  $ 60.00

A3214E Spitfire Mk. XIV E (bubble canopy) conversion kit $ 68.00

A3215 Seafire Mk. XV (early) w/fuselage arrester hook $ 58.00

A3215L Seafire Mk. XV (late) w/ broad chord rudder & sting hook $ 60.00

A3216 Spitfire Mk. XVI E bubble top conversion kit $ 64.00

A3217 Seafire Mk XVII Available 2003 TBA

A3218 Spitfire Mk XVIII conversion kit $ 68.00

A3219 Spitfire PR XIX (type 389) $ 58.00

A3220 Spitfire spinner and prop. blades MK 22/24 $ 16.00

A3221 Spitfire MK 21 conversion kit $ 60.00

A3222 Spitfire MK 22 / 24 correction kit $ 54.00

A3223 Spitfire three spoke wheels (postwar) $ 10.00

A3224 Rotol long spinner & flared blades for Mk V b/c $ 15.00

A3225 Spinner w/broad-chord blades for Hydromatic prop. $ 6.00

A3226 Sting arrestor hook and broad-chord rudder for Seafire XV / XVII $ 16.00

A3227 MK 21 wings (Revell or Hasegawa) Available late 2004 N/A

A3228 Spitfire float plane Mk. V SPECIAL ORDER $ 90.00

A3229 Spitfire float plane Mk. IX SPECIAL ORDER $ 120.00

A3230 Wide cannon blisters x 4 for twin 20mm cannon (2 styles) $ 14.00

A3231 Prototype and First Mk. I Spitfires prop unit $ 12.00

A3232 Weybridge prop for Early Mk I Spitfires $ 12.00

A3233 Aboukir filter & enlarged chin (later Gleed style) $ 18.00

A3234 FAA teadrop belly tank w/ mounting struts & fuel feed $ 15.00

A3235 Accurate Early Mk I fuselage frame (no head armor / volt.reg) $ 10.00

A2336 Mk Vc conversion set $ 36.00

A3237 Undercarriage handpump for early Mk I N/A

A3238 First production Mk I set $ 48.00

A3239 Main gear doors for Mk IX thru XIX $ 10.00


B3201 Wheel wells & seat $ 19.00

B3202 Mk II D 40mm cannon gondola $ 18.00

B3203 Mk I Rotol wood prop. blades $ 8.00

B3204 Mk II prop. blades $ 8.00

B3205 Mk IIA/B correction set $ 44.00

B3206C Mk IIC correction set $ 50.00

B3206D Mk IID correction set $ 56.00

B3207 Wing mounted auxilliary fuel tanks $ 18.00

B3208 Early Mk I fabric covered wing TBA

B3209 Watts 2 blade wood prop. for early Mk I $ 14.00

B3210 Early Mk I DeHaviland metal prop. blades w/ short spinner $ 14.00

B3211 Mk IV conversion set $ 60.00

B3212 Elevator and rudder set TBA

B3213 Vokes tropical air filter $ 12.00

B3214 Five spoked wheel for early production Mk I $ 10.00

B3215 Early Mk I conversion set (Watts prop) $ 44.00

B3216 Early Mk I exhaust stubs $ 10.00

B3217 Accurate u/c doors $ 10.00

B3218 Early production Mk I set (DeHavilland prop.) $ 44.00

B3219 Late production Mk I set (Rotol prop.) $ 50.00

B3220 Late production Mk I tropical $ 48.00

B3221 Mk IIA/B tropical $ 54.00

B3222 Mk IIC tropical $ 60.00

B3223 Mk IID tropical $ 66.00


C3201 Fighter/fighter bomber solid nose (one piece) $ 20.00

C3202 2 stage Merlin cowlings with 6-stub exhausts & paddle blades $ 48.00

C3203 Mosquito bulged bomb bay (vacuformed) $ 12.00

C3204 Mk IV bomber clear vacuformed canopy, nose blister. etc. $ 5.00


D3201 F4U-2 radar pod $ 12.00

D3202 Broad-chord prop blades $ 8.00


E3201 Underwing tanks $ 14.00

1/24th SPITFIRE and SEAFIRE conversion set

A2401 Mk Vb accurate cannon barrles (Airfix kit) $ 14.00

A2402 Universal C wing TBA

A2403 Accurate seat w/ mounting brackets (Airfix or Trumpeter) $22.00

A2404 Rotol flared blades w/ spinner and backplate $ 20.00

A2405 Aboukir tropical filter TBA

A2406 Correct aerial mast, mounting flange & fuselage bakelite plate N/A

A2407 Mk VII conversion TBA

A2408 Mk VIII conversion TBA

A2409 Mk IX conversion TBA


3501 T-34 / 85 Egyptian markings $ 7.00