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UPDATED 6/16/04

Finally ! The boxes (3) of Brewster B-239 Buffalo kits landed on my doorstep late last week. I spent most of the weekend cleaning up the pieces and organizing the kits.There are a few bits and pieces missing, but the caster is on it and assured me the parts would be here this week. So, with a bit of luck I'll be mailing out the COMPLETE kits this coming weekend. The new price for the B-239 Buffalo kit will be $120.00. Those who have pre-ordered or have posted inquiries prior to May 1st will NOT be affected by the increase.


Vasko has informed me that the Warbird Productions Mk VIII conversion sets are nearly completed. I am also expecting some NEW Warbirds Productions items as well as some restock items. Prof Lloyd from tells me the Aero Imageworks 1/32 scale Pacific Sharks decal sets, to go along with the MkVIII conversions, should be available to me by the end of the month. Retail price has not been set yet. Images available soon. These will be;

A013201 CR-C A58-484 ( Clive R. Caldwell )
A013202 ZP-Y A58-672 with huge sharkmouth
A013203 ZP-Q A58-614 with large sharkmouth (different to that on ZP-Y)
B013201Spitfire Mk VIII Stencils

I will most likely offer a Spitfire Mk VIII package consisting of the Warbird Productions Mk VIII conversion, "C" wing set as well as your choice Aero Imageworks decal set w/stencils.

Stock on Warbirds Productions items is low ( but restock on it's way !), I DO SUGGEST to email me with a list of items you are interested in just to be sure they're in stock at the time of ordering.



Dan LoRusso of The Dinosaur Studio is pleased to announce the renaming of this site which will now be known as WARBIRD MODELS: USA. I am currently in the midst of arranging distributership with several 1/32nd scale resin and decal manufacturers and hope to announce the finalization of theses plans soon. Production will soon begin for resin and vacuform items from masters I have created to compliment the Warbirds Productions product line. I am also in the early stages of a new line of 1/32nd scale kits, conversions, and correction sets. These will be some obscure or lesser known aircraft that were designed during the Second World War.

More on this later. Feel free to contact me at any time via email with any product suggestions. Happy modeling !!

A Short History of WARBIRD MODELS, USA

WARBIRDS MODELS, USA started out as an importer & distributer of Warbird Productions products from England. My background is research and development model maker as well as a few years as an architectural model maker. I've been building model airplanes since my 7th birthday back in 1960. Once Revell came out with their 1/32nd scale line I knew that was the scale for me. With an exceptional contract build in others scales, my model airplane building is confined to 1/32nd scale / WW II era subjects. In the early 1980's I purchased the rights to Horizon Vacuform conversions and started Accu-Scale / Horizon. I sold off most of the masters about 6 to 8 years ago when in dire financial straights. Boy, am I kicking myself now !!! If I had only known 1/32nd scale would make such a comeback !!

Some of you may also know me from the Dinosaur Studio. Dinosaurs are another passion of mine.